Winter Remodeling Before Pictures

This past Christmas we decided to update and remodel our patient treatment area. Over the years we have had “themed rooms”, “artsy rooms” and now once again we are changing it up.

Fall Pumpkin Fun!

We are having FUN this Fall at Dr. Morehead’s Office! Join in by guessing how many pumpkins are in the jar. We will be counting on Thursday, 10-16-14. You will win a $20.00 gift card to Starbucks and the jar of pumpkins!
To guess LIKE us on FACEBOOK, find the Pumpkin Picture and GUESS.

We Want To Hear From You

Has your experience with our office been great? Leave a review for us on Google! It only takes a minute and we greatly appreciate your feedback. Just sign into your GOOGLE email account and search for us! You will see a Google Link to write a review.

Summertime Cookies

photo 3
We are celebrating “Fun of Summer”. We have cookies for our patients this week. Come by and see us!

Dental Club

We offer an alternative to individual dental insurance. Our Dental Club offers 2 Dental Exams, 2 Dental Cleanings, 1 set of 4 Bitewing X-rays and 10% off all work done. Call 919-556-0444 and let us tell you about it!


In some situations, we may recommend either:

• Prescription strength fluoride toothpaste
• Custom-made fluoride trays to wear daily

Extra fluoride provides added protection against dental decay and also may help reduce tooth sensitivity.

Prescription strength fluoride toothpaste has 5X the concentration of fluoride than that of over-the-counter toothpaste. It is available in our office or may be obtained at a pharmacy with a prescription. We currently carry Clinpro 5000 (Vanilla Mint and Spearmint) and PreviDent 5000 (Spearmint).

Fluoride trays are custom fit to your teeth. A fluoride gel is placed in the trays and then worn for 5 minutes daily. This method acts to squish the fluoride into the hard-to-reach areas of the teeth that may not otherwise be accessible to clean thoroughly. We currently carry PreviDent Gel.