Dental Wellness Club

Wake Dental Wellness wants to give you control of your dental health needs and help you achieve healthy gums! We are proud to introduce “Dental Wellness Club”.

For A Flat Annual Fee You Will Receive:

  • Two Prophylactic Cleanings
  • Two Dental Exams
  • Periodontal Disease Evaluation
  • Yearly Bitewing X-rays
  • Unlimited Intra-oral Photos
  • Additional Cleanings (10% Off)
  • Fillings (10% Off)
  • Soft Tissue Management & Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings (10% Off)
  • Full Mouth Series/panorex X-rays (10% Off)
  • Crowns, Crown & Bridge, Implant Crowns (10% Off)
  • All Other General Dentistry Procedures (10% Off)

Annual Membership Dues $265 per year

Why Choose This Plan?

Dental Insurance puts restrictions on your dental health care. This Dental Health Club allows you to be in control with NO yearly maximums, NO deductibles, and NO hassles. You will deal directly with US!

Does This Save Me Money?

If you don’t have dental insurance now….. this plan will save you money! 6-month exam and cleanings average $155.00 not including x-rays. You will save money in just cleanings alone.

If you have dental insurance already, calculate how much you spend on dental insurance and how much you get out of it. We will be happy to help you understand your savings.

What are the Exclusions?

  • Our membership is NOT a dental insurance plan and can only be used with Dawn Morehead DDS, PA
  • It is non-transferrable
  • It CAN NOT be combined with any dental insurance
  • Fees are based on our usual and customary fees at time of service

Other Membership Information

  • 12-month membership fee is due in FULL upon joining
  • Membership is effective 1st of month of which payment is received
  • In order to receive 10% discount, payments are due in FULL at time of service. If outside financing is used (CareCredit or Citi) your discount will be 5% due to lending fees paid by the practice
  • It is the patient’s sole responsibility to maximize their benefits by scheduling all appointments within the 12 month membership period. If appointments are not used, patient will NOT be entitled to a refund.
  • NO SHOW/SAME DAY CANCELLATION appointments will be $100.00 each without reasonable cause.
  • Membership renewal fee is due at the 1st of your anniversary month each year, regardless of when payment is received.

Other Discounts that Apply With or Without Dental Insurance

  • 5% applied when paying with CASH/CHECK in full (insurance to reimburse patient NOT office)

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