Need Bridges or Crowns? Our Wake Forest Dental Practice Can Help!

Most human communication is non-verbal, and our faces are made to express our emotions and convey our feelings. When you’re less than confident about your smile, your whole appearance is altered and friends, colleagues and family members don’t get to enjoy the real you.

Fortunately, we can help. Our Wake Forest, NC dental office specializes in composite fillings, dental bridges and more to help you look your best and smile with confidence. Dentist Dr. Sarah Jeon has nearly thirty years of experience in helping patients in Wake Forest, NC and the Triangle choose the best treatment options for them.

Our restorative treatments include:

  • Composite Fillings: Say goodbye to your old, dark amalgam fillings—and the mercury they contain! Our composite fillings are made of an ultra-hard resin that’s permanently bonded to your teeth and colored to match seamlessly. You’ll enjoy a whiter smile in just a few hours!
  • Crowns: For more extensive tooth damage, crowns are the preferred method of repair. Entire tooth surfaces are pared down and covered with a ceramic crown or Cerec® in as little as one office visit. You’ll look great and enjoy the freedom to eat your favorite foods again without worry about pain or sensitivity.
  • Dental Bridges: For several missing teeth in a row or large spaces between teeth, our dental bridges are the perfect solution. We’ll color-match a porcelain bridge with your existing teeth to have you looking your best again in no time—only you will know the difference!

If you want the best cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and other procedures done in a relaxing atmosphere, please contact our Wake Forest, NC dental practice at (919) 556-0444 to set up an appointment, or for any additional questions you may have.

We’re proud to serve patients from Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Youngsville, Durham, Chapel Hill and elsewhere in the Triangle.